Amfitriti sailing in the Ionian sea

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Amfitriti sailing in the Ionian sea

It was only years ago where the shadow of the Covid era was already a fact of our lives .

I have just turned the page with my life and was already running my new business as well . But the season started late July and finished mid September .

People were afraid to book and with all these , travel restrictions , in between , countries , no one could travel to Corfu for sailing holidays in the end .

This is when me and and my colleagues , decided to take , “Sun Odyssey 479 – Amfitriti” for a week , sailing . It was , late October , late season with not the tons of charter yachts , out in the sea , we are used to see .

Usually in a week , sailing , we normally visit the mainland and , go to Paxos and Antipaxos . Not further than Preveza and back .

This time we decided to take her , up to Ithaka and back . We started from Gouvia marina , on a sunny morning and were heading to Paxos for the night . We arrived aroud noon time  , in Gaios canal and moored to the town quay  . 

 It was so quiet in Gaios . We headed to the only taverna , which was open , behing the church .

Next morning , after a lovely coffee in the port , we head to Lefkas , Sivota in the south . 
We chose to go from the West , going around of the island , to look for more wind . 
We had more wind as predicted and we had a lovely sail to Sivota . 

Sivota has become my favourite place to stay the last couople of years . Tranquil and so beautiful . 

We always have a place in the moorings and a good meal in the tavernas , there . We had a very quiet and restful night . 

Next morning , I had this idea to visit Ithaka and follow the trails of Odysseus palace . We had to go to the port of Frikes in Ithaka . Frikes is in the NW side of Ithaka. We walked up the hill and following the signs , we managed to actually go , where Odysseus , wife , Penelope was standing and looking for Odysseus . The view was stunning . 

After this lovely break , we decided to Kalamos island heading to the East . Usually the wind leaving Ithaka towards Kalamos is always good and indeed we had a wonderful, sailing . We arrived in the port of Kalamos and we docked on the side in the NW side of the dock . The port was empty . We managed to get something to eat on board . We walked up to the hill and then you can see the beautiful view on the either side of the island .

We again had a very quiet and restfull night . 

Next day , we decided to head to Preveza in the mainland . We started early to pass the bridge of nine in the morning ,  in the Lefkas canal . We arrived to the port of Preveza , where we stayed for the night . We enjoy the old town of Preveza , very much . The narrow alleys with the tavernas and the bars  . We had a noisy night in the port so next day we decided to head to Parga for more piece and quiet . 

We had a good sailing on the way to Parga . When we reached the bay of Valtos , there was nobody except us and another , yacht . 

We used the dinghy to visit old town of Parga to see the beautiful view of the Castle , there. I bought some , honey from a local producer , which is something i always do when i am in the country side . We had a nice walk into the streets of Parga town and we enjoyed our drinks next to the port with good music . 

Next day we went to Sivota – Mourtos to stay for the night . One of our favourite stops in the mainland and 3-4 hours to Gouvia marina with a sailing yacht .  We love to stay in the port , looking at the yachts . The sunset has come and we went for a nice dinner to the only taverna , left open  . After our meal , we had a very nice walk to the yacht and have our last drink , there . One last drink before our return to Gouvia marina . 


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